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Friday, December 07, 2007

LOL, Again

I'm amazed that I've been totally unmotivated to post an update for over a month. But then, I ran across the umpteenth variation of the Lolcats meme and found it too funny not to share. Lolsheviks (VIA Laughing Squid) puts a humorous face on an oppressive regime. How can you NOT love it?
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Has Anybody Seen Mike Rotch?

Not that my blogging sabbatical is over, but with a little time and a little motivation (and trust me, not much of either) I thought I'd blow off stuff that I almost blogged about but didn't. It took all the restraint that I could muster up NOT to comment on the recent story that Mike Hunt supports the Lady Toppers, since the jokes just write themselves. Then the story about the convicted sex offender Pheuk Kue broke and again I was tempted.

But they say it isn't wise to hold things in so why not look at a few of the names that make me titter like a teen? Although I'm sure that they were teased unmercifully while they were growing up it looks like both Dr. Harry Beaver and Dr. Dick Tapper, Urologist were able to overcome the taunts and achieve success. The same can be said of Dick Pound, although that's one Google Image Search that I was really, really afraid to do. Surprisingly, no content that you would consider NSFW until six pages into the search. The same can't be said for the real estate agent Dick Long, but I'd probably list my house with him just so I could have one of his signs on my front lawn!

Of course you can't ignore the world of sports where you've got one of the legends of hockey, a NASCAR driver and some baseball players who get added to the list.

And while you're at it, consider some of The 22 Worst Place Names in the World and be glad you don't live there!
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"A pun is the lowest form of humor, unless you thought of it yourself."
Doug Larson
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That's Just The Way They Are

A panda walks into a restaurant and he orders a sandwich. He scarfs it down and when he gets the check, he pulls out a gun, fires it into the air several times, then walks out the front door. Another befuddled diner turns to a waiter and asks, "What was that all about?" The waiter responded, "That's just the way pandas are," and walked away.

Clueless about what a panda was, he goes home that night he looks up "panda" in the dictionary and what he finds explains everything: "Panda: Large black-and-white bear-like mammal, native to China; eats shoots and leaves."
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