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Friday, June 11, 2010

Gorillasushi Relief Fund

I was wondering just what it might take to get me to hit the old blogosphere again. Looks like I found a cause, heartbreaking as it is...

(VIA Gorillasushi Relief Fund:)
Jason, aka @gorillasushi, aka mega-talented designer, intrepid Chicago(ish) planner, and all-around awesome human, recently lost his wife after weeks of in a medically-induced coma. In the wake of this unspeakable loss, he is left with mounting medical bills from her inpatient treatment, surgeries, and weeks of hospitalization, in addition to funeral expenses and having to sell their home in an awful market.

Nobody should have to bear all of this alone. Money is tight for many of us, but if you’d like to help our friend during this difficult time, please consider donating. No amount is too small, and every little bit will help. If you have any questions about this fundraiser or other ways in which you can help our friend, contact Toni/frageelay at


Click here to lend your support to: Gorillasushi Relief Fund and make a donation at !

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