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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Roll Over Rover!

Since nobody these days bothers to give kids boring names (like John) we shouldn't be surprised that the trend towards unique and unusual names would carry over to our pets. A few Wacky Pet Names as an example:

  • Rush Limbark
  • Low Jack
  • Meatwad
  • Peanut Wigglebutt
  • Hairy Putter
  • Major Deposit
  • Fanny Mae Lovechunk
  • Taco Bella
  • Drama Mama
  • Muppet Bundle
  • Sir Lix-a-lot
  • Edward Scissorpaws
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    "In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on."
    Robert Frost
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    Sales Appeal

    The recent passing of NYC pitchman Joe Ades as noted in a recent NY Times piece His Stage, the Street; His Rapier, a Peeler :

    Somehow, Joe Ades got people’s attention as the crowds swirled by at the Union Square Greenmarket, on their way to eyeing and buying the produce. He was the white-haired man with the British accent, the expensive European suits and shirts — the man selling the $5 peeler. For carrots. Or potatoes....

    His was a particular kind of street theater in a city that delights in in-your-face characters who are, and are not, what they seem. For he was the sidewalk pitchman with the Upper East Side apartment. The sidewalk pitchman who was a regular at expensive East Side restaurants, where no one believed his answer to the “So what do you do?” question: “I sell potato peelers on the street.”
    His old-world sophistication stands in stark contrast to the "in your face" style personified by pitchman Billy Mays. And don't even get me started on the ShamWow guy! But a Flickr group has popped up to honor the Gentleman Peeler.

    However this NSFW re-dubbing of the Billy Mays Gopher commercial offers a version that's much easier for me to take:

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    Dance Everybody!

    My favorite Christian Bale Remix of his recently released flameout. It just might become my new ring-tone!

    But JoBlo's Christian Bale vs Lily Tomlin is a close second as my favorite remix! Although Bale vs. Bill O'Reilly just might give it a run for it's money.
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