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Sunday, June 07, 2009

The Thrill Is Gone

A recent NY Times article Blogs Falling in an Empty Forest mentions that 95% of all blogs are essentially abandoned. It's nice to be a member of a majority from time to time.

They call this "public remnants of a dream unfulfilled". That's hardly the case here, since my low expectations were easily surpassed and my foray into blogging was and remains simply a time-waster. It's just that I've had little time, and even less inspiration. And although I've said this before, I can't close the door and move on. An unrealistic hope remains that I'll wake up and this suddenly will become fresh again. It's at least an alternative to Tumblr.

But the biggest culprit is the transferal of my time-wasting focus to the more immediate, short form, and short attention span site twitter and to a lesser degree facebook. I dismissed both for the longest time, and it's now hard for me to believe that I ever resisted them.

The saddest part of this is how quickly I've gotten hooked on the site FAVRD which ranks amusing or entertaining Twitter entries. Fellow users list their "favorites" and this can quickly become a crack-like addiction for those seeking approval or validation. I had no idea I fell in that category, but apparently I do.

So in the interest of posting something, and to explain why I'm seldom here, allow me to be self indulgent and lazy by reposting some Favrd tweets:

  • Microsoft wants to make "Bing" a verb. In related news, I want to become King of England.
  • Almost added stranger to my FB friends list thinking it was my wife. Thumbnail looked just like a picture I took. Another Doppelgänger!
  • Judge throws out lawsuit, informs plaintiff crunchberries NOT real fruit. So Count Chocula; not true royalty?
  • I keep forgetting to buy Giant Cheetos; because sometimes you just have to prove to yourself that something is a bad idea.
  • Our new feng shui approved landscaping is done & the good fortune should now flow. So far the fortune is just flowing to the landscaper.
  • You can imagine my disappointment in discovering that membership in BJ's Club didn't include meetings.
  • I need to set aside some time to plan to be more spontaneous.
  • Someday I'll be able to read "Pens game" without hearing Penis Game in my head & laughing like a schoolgirl. Just not today.
  • People I've grown weary of hearing about: Susan Boyle, Jay Leno, Dick Cheney, & pretty much anybody on the Perez Hilton radar. And him.
  • As we watch smoldering resentment begin to tear the relationship apart, can we look forward to the sequel "Jon & Kate Plus Hate"?
  • Although potentially annoying, I could forgive a robo-call from Peter Weller due to the delicious irony attached.
  • Confused by Facebook; after selecting "refreshing friend list" everybody shows up. My list of refreshing friends is much shorter.
  • Warren Buffett has a ukulele obsession; this keeps alive my dream of a Jimmy Buffett/Warren Buffett double-bill concert tour.
  • A three-way mirror sounds much sexier than it actually is.
  • Somali pirates; doing a great job of sullying the reputation of romanticized pirates. Making "Talk Like A Pirate Day" much less fun.
  • I'm guessing those massage stations set up in the center of the mall pretty much preclude the happy ending option?
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