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Monday, January 19, 2009

Oh Yea, This Thing...

It seems like a busy agenda and the forces of apathy have resulted in a total neglect of the ol' blog. Most normal people would just admit the obvious, that they no longer had any interest in bloging and then just move on. However, there is a small part of me that keeps remembering when this was fresh and fun which precludes me from throwing in the towel, hoping that the unloved toy will suddenly captivate me once again..

Will the dawning of a new year bring a new enthusiasm and a refreshed attitude? It's not likely, but I've learned never to rule anything out. I enjoy the occasional "mad rant", so at the very least I may pop in here from time to time and get things off my chest. I realize that after my lengthy neglect of this site, more people will hear me if just stick my head out the window and yell rather than posting here, but somehow I'm OK with that.

My short attention span has always been easily disrupted my bright, shinny objects, so I'll blame my newest toy for the most recent patch of neglect. Although I said I would never do it (one more in a long line of radical reversals), I replaced my long in the tooth cell phone with a Blackberry. It is amazing just how quickly it becomes an addiction. I guess I'll have to take back all the nasty things I've said about people walking around texting and e-mailing, since I found myself doing that pretty much right away.

But what amazes me is that although it is a "smart-phone" it makes me feel pretty dumb. In retrospect perhaps skipping the step of reading the instruction manual may not have been the wisest choice. Perhaps I'll soon figure out how to answer calls, since it doesn't ring long enough for me to be able to pick up an incoming call before it goes over to voice mail. I think I may have fixed that problem by downloading some longer ring-tones and changing the settings to have the phone ring 2X; we'll see how that works out.

Given my revised opinion on this matter, I suspect I'll have to do some soul searching and look at all the things that I dismissed without giving them an objective tryout. Could it be that I become a Crackberry AND a Twitter addict in one fell swoop? Time will tell.
|| JM, 9:48 AM


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