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Monday, November 10, 2008

A Victim Of E.D. (Election Depression?)

Apparently I got smacked in the head by the pendulum of blogging ambivalence one more time. A brief moment of clarity and enthusiasm, followed by a lack of motivation and interest. However since the last "re-post" seemed meaningful and relevant, leaving it sit until Election Day didn't seem like the worst thing. Much of the time I felt like I was sitting on pins and needles pending a successful outcome at the polls.

But the euphoria of seeing the Obama victory was soon tempered by a disturbing trend. I've encountered far too many people who have apparently accepted the wingnut talking points and embrace the fear, anger, and bitterness that we saw far too much of during the campaign. I am amazed at the childlike logic and absence of facts that this group exhibits. To think that they could ignore the abuse of power and incompetency of the current leadership to choose more of the same lies and empty promises is just too incredible to consider. After eight years of government that too often employed a divisive approach and brought out the worst racist, fascist, and sexist tendencies under a false banner of patriotism, I guess I was being naive to assume that this would magically subside under an Obama presidency.

As daunting as the challenges are that face the Obama administration on serious issues such as the war, economy, healthcare, and infrastructure renewal, this tide of negativism worries me the most. I can only hope that these "Palin Republicans" continue their march to irrelevance, and that these zealots don't impede the policy agenda of the incoming administration by continuing to argue silly, irrelevant, and false issues that displace serious political discourse and action.
|| JM, 9:09 AM


My 'election euphoria' lasted a whole 8 hours. From the moment they called PA till the next morning when I woke up to find that California had apparently passed Prop 8, the constitutional ban on gay marriage.

What a let-down.
Anonymous Kvatch, at 2:09 PM  
Yes, I'm still scratching my head over that as well. How does an electorate support Obama and then pass this Neanderthal crap? I suspect I give people too much credit.
Blogger JM, at 3:41 PM  
You have to watch this!!!

"They've lost the ability to process non-Obama information." LOL*
Blogger Liz, at 9:19 AM  
OMFG! Too Funny. Don't you hate it when satire and reality come too dangerously close to each other?
Blogger JM, at 7:46 PM  

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