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Monday, November 24, 2008

Fighting The Apathy

It sure looks like I've been beaten by the apathy stick once again, resulting in an inability to post. In my defense, I have been kind of busy, but the bigger issue is that despite doing a ton of surfing, all the while making numerous notes on ideas and links it just ends there. I find I have absolutely no interest in pulling the trigger and taking it to the next level. Is it that it might require me to actually put some effort into it and sting some thoughts together? Perhaps, since I could plead guilty to being less focused and less energetic since I twisted my foot and had to stop running. I hope that I can put that behind me soon, and get back to feeling "normal" soon.

A larger part of the problem is the feeling that I've already done the same thing before. Or what happens many times is that I see somebody else do the same essential post that I was going to do, so I don't bother, lest I feel like I'm ripping them off. But the one element of blogging that I haven't explored enough is the mad, lunatic rambling rant. Again, probably because it takes too much effort, but on those rare occasions that I do indulge myself and go there, they always feel quite cathartic and enjoyable. So for lack of anything better a few rambling thoughts and observations:

  • Great to see the Jets finally win a big one! Although I was extremely disappointed that they didn't wear their "retro" uniforms, denying us a "Titans V. Titans" match-up!
  • But I'd also like to see a Ravens (old school Browns) vs. Browns (expansion version) retro match-up, which ain't gonna happen either.
  • STOP with all the Jets/Giants Super Bowl speculation; who needs the bad luck that brings?
  • Obviously, I've been watching too much TV, but is anybody other than me bothered by the one for Campbell's Soup Green Been Casserole? First of all, since it never has been part of my holiday heritage, I find green been casserole disgusting. It reminds me of the aftermath of several binge drinking nights in college. Don't get me wrong, I love a good green bean, but put ANYTHING in a casserole and it just loses something.
  • But if the disgusting nature of GBC isn't bad enough, this commercial has some of the most disturbing imagery I've ever witnessed. Near the end, an animated Xmas tree is apparently so seduced by the succulent goodness of the GBC that it BREAKS INTO THE HOUSE AND STEALS IT! Dear God; in addition to all the other scary things we have to deal with, do I now have to fear bands of trees breaking and entering into homes to plunder and pillage?
  • And is the Toyota Saved By Zero commercial an attempt to convince us that it's a good idea to buy a domestically produced auto? My last Toyota purchase convinced me not to buy another, but if it hadn't, this commercial would have! But beware: watch it, and you WILL die!
  • I'm obsessed with the Southwestern Air commercial, where they talk about hidden fees. The one where the lady turns around after checking the passenger in, and there's an evil version of her, sort of like a siamese twin on her back. Maybe it's because she has boobies front and back, or maybe it's the slightly evil way she says "give it to me now" but I find myself wanting to have sex with her. Am I the only one with this weird desire?
  • I love to live on the edge, so when I do a Google Image Search, I always make sure that "safe search" is off. Because it always amazes me that everything you search for ultimately produces pr0n. FYI, when searching for "green been casserole" I had to drill 11 pages down before stumbling upon something the least bit titillating. I think this is a new record!
  • I've been trying to avoid jumping on the "Heroes has Jumped The Shark" bandwagon. But last week's episode made me worry that perhaps this moment might be close. When "10yr old Hiro" (who isn't substantially different from the regular version) discovers the "9th Wonder" comic book as a guide like in the first season, I swear I saw the sharks circling. We've done this before, and killed off Isaac in the 1st season so where are these "new" comics coming from? But when I see that Tim Kring is considering abandoning the story arc approach in favor of stand-alone episodes, I fear that the series IS out of steam creatively.
  • || JM, 10:53 AM


    Its so sad; I love Heroes but this season my interest is just not there; I just have a hard time with all the jumping around...~tk
    Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:17 PM  
    I keep hoping that my patience with this series isn't betrayed; I'm not entirely sure that this faith is justified. But I can wish, right?
    Blogger JM, at 11:22 PM  
    I'm getting Heroes on DVD from Netflix, so I'm a season behind, but I definitely know what you're talking about. After 4 seasons of '24', I simply couldn't face another.
    Anonymous Kvatch, at 5:30 PM  

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