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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Believe It, Or Not

A weird thing happened again last night. I'm sitting there watching Fringe, and suddenly I start to nitpick. They were "reprograming" the brains of homing pigeons in a plexiglas chamber with giant electrical arcs above, and for some reason I had to stop and say "that's not realistic". How strange is it that you can suspend belief, and accept every-other bizarre and unbelievable sci-fi premise that the show presents, but you find that one line that you're just not willing to let your imagination cross.

I had a similar problem with a recent Heroes episode, when Nathan flies in and saves Tracy/Niki who had just jumped off a bridge in a suicide attempt. Now I'm not at all bothered by a US Senator who flies and has survived both a nuclear explosion and an assassination attempt. But show me a suicide off a bridge taller than any that exist in DC and you have a major continuity error that bugs the crap out of me. I'm willing to let many of those continuity errors slide, since having Fringe use a different cow in the pilot than in the regular episodes isn't a big deal. It's not on par with changing Darrens, or anything.

I'm not that harsh a critic of Heroes, and so far this season seems a huge improvement over the truncated, mediocre 2nd season. But a few more nitpicks while I'm in the mood for a pointless ramble:

  • Why does Hiro have to be such a childish dumbass? I'd expect him to be a little harder by this point. I'm not asking for "bad-assed Hiro of the future" that we saw in S1, but a bit of character growth, please.
  • And while we're on the subject of Hiro, how come no special interest groups have complained about his over-the-top ethnic stereotype? I'm not Asian, but at times it makes me cringe.
  • Maya; why? Don't get me wrong, she's been looking great and wearing some hot outfits. Oh wait; nevermind I just answered my own question. Although as one of the pod people, it sure limits the T&A time.
  • We haven't lost a major character for a long time. Maybe Mohinder would be a good place to start. Turning him into "the fly" HAS made him more interesting, but no less annoying.
  • And you got rid of Elle, just at the point I was beginning to like her. But if that's the price we have to pay to be rid of Bob, so be it!
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    And my "nitpick" from last nights' episode is this: How the heck does Parkman get to bring livestock (the turtle) from Africa through customs? I'm pretty sure you can't do that!
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