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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Thanks For All The Fish...

I always hate when I see a blog just "go dark" without any indication why. You always fear the worst, when in reality it sometimes has a less ominous explanation. This probably isn't a farewell, although I do have to hit the "pause button" for the moment. Few, I'm sure would notice since my recent round of blogging ambivalence results in sporadic posting, but sometimes, life events occur that cause you to focus your attention and energies elsewhere.

Since I'm still working on the "open & honest" thing, I'm not really ready to fully delve into the events and emotions that have occurred over the last week and a half. Beside that, I'm not sure that this is the right venue for "me" to discuss those things without trivializing them. With the perspective and wisdom that time provides, perhaps I'll change my mind on that, but for now on-line grieving just isn't my style.

Sometimes it's easy for us to look at things and miss the big picture. Having spent most of my waking hours visiting the ICU during that period, I saw too many sights that I wish I hadn't. But the good thing is that from the chaos of events and emotions, a broader perspective emerges. For those things in life that matter to truly have meaning, there is the realization that they are but passing phenomena. There are no mountain tops without valleys, and no happiness without sorrow. Knowing that both ends of the spectrum are fleeting moments allows us to endure bad times and savor the good ones. It gives us the strength to continue the journey of life, and we can appreciate the joyful memories and pursue new pleasures as well.

Perhaps this little leg of the trek will seem more inviting once the dust settles. If not; it's been fun.
|| JM, 3:57 PM


Whatever is happening or has happened, I wish you the best and hope you return in a good place when you are ready to do so.

Best .....
Blogger STP, at 7:00 AM  
Live is truly a journey and we each must navigate in our own way. I really wish you all the best on your journey.
Blogger Mary, at 9:07 AM  
I hope everything is okay, but if you ever need anything you know where to find me...~tk
Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:52 PM  
Until then, me amigo.
Blogger John Good, at 9:15 PM  
Thanks, all!
Blogger JM, at 8:07 AM  
...Damn, I'll be sorry to see you go - - -
Anonymous g-a-b, at 4:46 AM  
I wish you 42 fish to take on your journey. Mayhaps you will come full circle, mayhaps not. Good luck in any event.
Blogger cube, at 9:56 AM  

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