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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Responsibility: What’s Your Policy?

The Liberty Mutual ads portraying how random acts of kindness can grow and get passed through a community feature an uplifting message and seem a breath of fresh air amidst the wasteland of less than memorable commercials. Other ads have followed, continuing to demonstrate how acting responsibly is a not only a good way to run a company but to live by as well.

Sometimes you can go to the well too many times and return with an empty bucket. I just saw another of their ads that missed the "warm and fuzzy" mark by a long shot. This one featured a guy who is supposedly performing yet another of these "good deeds". An older gentleman is at home and on the phone. The caller tells him "Sir, I believe I found something that belongs to you." The terror in his voice is apparent as he asks "What is it?" The voice on the line says "I can't tell you, but look out your window." At that point you see the guy on the street waving a wallet above his head.

Great; whatever karma points you may have scored from the good deed of returning the lost wallet are more than lost when you act like a dick returning it! Staking out the apartment and playing stalker like phone games instead of just doing the right thing, ringing his door and returning the wallet seems pretty unnecessary and creepy. I can only hope that the company doesn't attempt to dick you around the same way when you make a claim!
|| JM, 12:09 AM


You're absolutely right. This ad annoys me everytime I see. I'm glad someone else felt the need to rant about it.

I think it's ridiculous that the old man is supposed to be able to see that it's a wallet from that distance. I paused it and even in HD and you can't tell what the guy is holding in the shot looking down on the street. Even if the old man has perfect eye sight it would still be hard for him to be sure what the dumb*** samaritan was waving around.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:39 AM  

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