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Friday, March 14, 2008

In Search Of Virtual Sand

A funny thing happened on the way to blogging. It started when I took a few days off and went away in an "unplugged" mode. Choosing to deny myself web access was at first just an exercise to prove that I could do it. Luckily, I passed that test with flying colors. But since then, the dreaded "blogging ambivalence" has returned with a vengeance.

Maybe it's because I've been busy, but little has "wowed me" or motivated me to attempt even the lamest of postings. I've had mood-swings like this before which usually pass. When you're on a snow covered road and your car gets stuck in a rut, a common practice is to shovel sand under the wheels and drive your way out. So far, I'm still looking for that "virtual sand" to jump start things. The closest thing I've found is THIS, which really doesn't cut it. Eventually, something will light a fire under me.

And while I'm not quite ready to go to the extreme of the woman who sat on her toilet for 2 years, I can almost understand the appeal of the can as sanctuary. With a phone, and a wi-fi enabled iPod I could (do?) spend hours there, although I'd have to draw the line at one day, max. There are SO many disturbing elements to this story, but the one I keep coming back to is that they lived in a trailer, which I'm sure has only one bathroom. What the heck did the enabling dude do during this period, hold it in until he got to work?
|| JM, 7:07 AM


John, you really should make a Twitter account. With your dreaded "blogging ambivalence" you will adore Twitter. I would rather Twitter than blog, believe me. It's addictive because it's fast and changes often. It didn't appeal to me at first, but once I tried I loved it.
Anonymous Liz, at 6:51 PM  
I'm still in the "doesn't appeal to me" phase, although I can't dismiss it entirely. I'm not sure that pointing me towards another addictive behavior is necessarily the best idea for a person who occasionally goes obsessive, but I'll take it under consideration.
Blogger JM, at 10:21 PM  
As a person who has studied and lived with the disease of addiction (I even put addiction into the name of my blog) my whole life, I would call Twitter a healthy, harmless obsession. :)
Anonymous Liz, at 7:20 PM  
I'm still in the "doesn't appeal to me" phase, although I can't dismiss it entirely.

Oh yeah! Well that doesn't mean that you can't come by and give us other poor schmucks a few clicks. Now does it?! ;-)
Anonymous Kvatch, at 10:00 PM  
Okay. That freaked me out. Crazy.
Blogger Mary, at 2:54 PM  

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