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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Don't Go There

Although usually referring to a phallic sex toy, the term dildo originally referenced the peg used to secure a boats' oar in place. Which is probably what they had in mind when they named this Canadian fishing village. But despite having a robust economy (probably based on tourists coming to take pictures standing next to the sign) there are those who argue that they need to change the towns' name, as this YouTube video illustrates. (VIA Neatorama)

But after growing up in an area where you had towns called "Blue Ball" and "Intercourse" this isn't all that bad. On the weird town name continuum, there are plenty of worse places!

And although some signs have the ability to put a smirk on our faces, there are those that provide far more direction and information about the road ahead than originally intended. Sometimes the choice is easy.
|| JM, 7:28 AM


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