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Monday, February 04, 2008


Although not entirely erasing the pain of watching my NY Jets lackluster season, the post season play of the "other" local team has certainly taken the edge off of it. So many Super Bowl games are super let-downs, but I'd have to categorize this one as one of the best ever! A true team effort from an underdog team with a lot of heart, the game kept you on the edge of your seat all the way to the end. And seeing the dour, dejected look that Belichick had after the game was just icing on the cake!

Unfortunately, the best game ever was accompanied by the worst commercials ever! Far too often the commercials have been better than the game, but not this time. The closest thing to one that approached the standards set by those of prior years' blockbuster ads was the FedEx one with the giant carrier pigeons that delivered havoc and destruction. Even the normally solid Bud ads weren't all that funny or memorable with the exception of the caveman one. And let's make sure we send the "Sales Genie" back to school to attend the political correctness class. Who knew that in today's world we'd be subjected to such dated ethnic stereotypes on network TV?? Then again, it was on Fox. At least we have the game to look back at fondly.
|| JM, 12:04 AM


LOL Fox, enough said, right?
Blogger Liz, at 1:17 PM  
I hated this Super Bowl because I am a Jets fan, which means I can't stand the Pats. However, hating the Giants is a part of my birthright, so I rooted for the Pats. I needed to shower after the game.
Blogger STP, at 5:42 PM  
Liz, it pains me to support any product associated with Rupert Murdock and his death star of brands, but I'll lower my standards and watch some sports and entertainment shows.

Scott, nothing makes me happier than seeing pain inflicted on the Pats. But since my NFC team is the Redskins (more pain) and the wife is a Giants fan, I swallowed my pride and became a fair weather fan.
Blogger JM, at 7:40 PM  

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