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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Are You Happy?

Most of us define happy as enjoying, showing, or demonstrating pleasure, satisfaction, or joy. There are others who will tell you it's a place in Texas. This clip provides us with some great inspirational Quotations of Happiness, in the event you need them. Apparently not having a blouse isn't a hinderance on the path to happiness.

Since we all define happiness differently, you may wish to consider some of these 20 Simple Ways to Get Happy, although this illustration pares that list down substancially. Or you could pursue an alternative path resulting in a happy ending instead. Need I say, probably NSFW?
|| JM, 7:00 AM


John- I love the topic of happiness but that list of 20things left out something crucial and that is acceptance. Acceptance is the key to happiness. When I adjust to what is instead of what I want things to be I am so much happier. Also miracles are a change in perception so yes miracles do happen.
Blogger Liz, at 8:36 AM  
Good point, since accepting the things we can't change is crucial to being happy. I guess we all have to make our own list.
Blogger JM, at 9:03 AM  
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Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:14 AM  

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