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Monday, January 07, 2008

My Cup Runneth Over

A "deep sucking sensation" could easily be a description of this blog, but in this case it's how the manufacturer of this "self-help" device describes the latest in adult technology. The "TOC-001 Deep Throat Cup" uses a valve structure to create a vacuum which produces not only "an amazing sucking sensation" but also makes a "slurping" sound that combines to give you the feeling that you're enjoying the real deal. Yea, right.

According to the FAQ page these disposable cups (thank God) aren't yet available outside of Japan. They do offer up five different versions, each one simulating another sexual position. An attempt to revolutionize adult products by removing any nasty stigma traditionally associated with adult products and turn it into and open and up-front experience that anyone can enjoy. They seem to imply that you should then share this with others. Just the kind of "water-cooler" conversation that will be a big hit with any office, I'm sure.
|| JM, 11:07 AM


Wow. Disposable cum cups. Now there's a million-dollar money-makin' idea. Maybe "Dixie" could add it to their product line: "The Dixie Cum Cup". They could put them in those dispensers in all the high schools in the country. Maybe in the locker rooms. And how about restrooms in gas stations and airports? Sure would have saved Larry Craig all that embarrassment. Or opera halls? The list is endless. Of course, I suppose you could just bring one from home. Maybe mom could put one in with your sack lunch...
Blogger Neil Shakespeare, at 4:40 AM  
Would certainly spice up the morning "cum-mute", wouldn't it?
Blogger JM, at 9:10 AM  
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Blogger SirSexy, at 12:55 AM  

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