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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Prove It All Night?

I've always been a big Bruce Springsteen from back in the day. But it was only when I moved to New Jersey that I discovered the almost cult like following that he has here, elevating him to a deity like status. They don't call him "The Boss" for nothing, I guess. Despite the fact that I'm picking on the lyrics, Livin' In The Future is a catchy song that recreates the powerful, classic sound that Bruce fans know and love. "Magic" is a strong album with many great tracks that I haven't stopped listening to since I got it.

Maybe it's because if Bruce is able to turn back the hands of time and reclaim his old "Glory Days" form, perhaps us mere mortals can do the same? But if I can't be The Boss, perhaps I could just be The King instead?
|| JM, 10:32 PM


Believe it or not, the Boss was never my thing back in the day. I was busy at RUN/DMC concerts. Anyway, I did see him live once because he was on the bill at Amnesty International concert in the 80's. I had friends who loved him.
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