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Tuesday, September 04, 2007


I continue to spend entirely too much time looking at the rumors concerning the release of the new iPods, but apparently I'm not alone as this video of new iPod mockups suggests. I've got to keep telling myself that the announcement on the 5th might not be the one I'm hoping for, and most certainly won't allow me to stroll into the Apple store the same day and walk out with product. But I can hope.

Since I've still got my money on the wide screen, touch control iPod, I reviewed the songs I've got in iTunes to make sure the cover art is there for the expected "album flipping" feature. I discovered two things, one is that I've got quite a few that didn't have cover art, but the bigger surprise was to find that there were a quite a few that had the wrong art.

Apparently when I said yes to the generous offer from iTunes to look for missing cover art, I never noticed that it made some bad choices. Many times, it grabbed an import or live cover, which doesn't cut it on some classic albums. So after many Google searches later, much of the problem is resolved. The big problem is that I couldn't find a way to change the entire album at once, but it has to be done in a laborious one song at a time fashion; not kind of the user friendly feature I'd expect. Apple, don't disappoint me twice in one week!
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They didn't, although I had hoped that the iPod touch might have has a bit more flash memory. Still a pretty sweet product, but I'm not sure if I can wait. I may break down and get one of the other ones before that. We'll see.
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