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Monday, August 13, 2007

Hello World

I can only hope that this picture from If Microsoft Built Homes (VIA Gizmodo) to be the product of some Photoshop tweaking. Because if they did actually make housing, you could probably find the following to be true:

  • Expect having to upgrade your furniture, since what you used in the old house won't work here.
  • Basement infestation of bugs and worms spreads quickly thought the house.
  • Although front door is included as standard equipment, locks are not.
  • Refridgerator equipped with "Clippy" interface gets a bit annoying ("It looks like you are getting a drink of water... Would you like ice?... ")
  • Powering down lights and appliances takes forever.
  • Cracks in the walls and other structural deficiencies aren't a problem. Just purchase the optional "Service Pack" to fix them right up!
  • In sink trash disposal has an annoying "Are You Sure?" button.
  • Be prepared to have buy a new house in a few years, since this one will quickly become obsolete.
  • || JM, 12:05 AM


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