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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Don't Go There...

Just to continue with today's theme, a few of the Things not to say during sex:

  • But everybody looks funny naked!
  • Did I mention the video camera?
  • A little rug burn never hurt anyone!
  • Can you please pass me the remote control?
  • And to think- I was really trying to pick up your friend!
  • Hope you're as good looking when I'm sober...
  • I thought you had the keys to the handcuffs!
  • Did you know the ceiling needs painting?
  • t's nice being in bed with a woman I don't have to inflate!
  • I have a confession...
  • Sorry about the name tags, I'm not very good with names
  • Is this a sin too?
  • || JM, 12:02 AM


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