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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Bang Bang

As good as the news that Rove is moving on would appear to be, it changes nothing. We can assume that he will continue to hide behind the shield of executive privilege, and will also still have a direct pipeline to the highest levels of power. Let's hope that Congress will continue to pursue him and not just let him skate. He's saying that he is doing this for his family, but I suspect he's just gearing up for the '08 presidential election, getting ready to work his evil magic once more for whatever windbag he latches his claws into... probably Fred Thompson.

But in addition to pursuing the architect of the evil empire, let's not loose track of the goal of going after its' dark prince as well: our goal needs to be to Impeach Cheney. At least as a start in the march towards restoring accountability to government.
|| JM, 7:10 AM


I still like the bumper sticker: Impeach Bush, Torture Cheney
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