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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Writing On The Wall

It seems like I've hit a brick-wall in terms of motivation and inspiration for blogging. As a result, a little mini-rant about nothing in particular:

  • I'd like to know who started the new trend at work, where rather than actually put mail in the mailbox people started taping notes to the outside. Apparently they think that this technique will make me pay more attention, but the only problem with this is that just about everyone's box is covered by these inane notes, and you can't even see the mailboxes anymore. The visual clutter alone is enough to make me avoid the area. Besides, if it's really important I'll get it on e-mail or stumble upon it on our intra-net.
  • So David Vitter visits with prostitutes, and his marriage is "stronger every day"? Wow, all this time I've been going about things the wrong way.
  • Why do I refuse to turn off the TV even when it seems like there is a crapfest being broadcast? After my initial disappointed reaction to HBO's John From Cincinnati, I kept watching in the hope it would get better. That hasn't happened, but it did get weirdly interesting and somehow got me hooked. I still don't know what the f' is going on, but now I feel compelled to find out. I just hope that the entire town and cast of Deadwood doesn't wind up turning up before it's all said and done. And let's hope we can avoid an ending with a Soprano's style disappointment.
  • Speaking of TV shows that I'm obsessed with, you've gotta' love the trailer for the fictional Medellin: The Film from Entourage.
  • And speaking of walls, here's a few.
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    Okay. I've been trying to get into John from C also. I strangely keep watching also. The one who plays grandma (can't think of her name right now)just so totally over-does it don't you think? And the surfer girl well...she should stick to surfing.
    Blogger Mary, at 9:19 AM  
    Where should they tape the messages instead of on your mailbox? I'll pass the word.
    Blogger Peacechick Mary, at 6:02 PM  
    Mary, I've had a hard time dealing with Rebecca De Mornay morphing from the hot, Risky Business persona to this shrill (although still GILF'y) character. You're correct; her acting has been way over the top. But this week's big reveal strangely made the character more human, even if not that much more likable. And given the abundance of truly unpleasant characters, "surfer girl" hasn't annoyed me all that much.

    And PCM, I'm thinking that they don't call it an "in" basket for nuttin'...
    Blogger JM, at 7:40 PM  
    "So David Vitter visits with prostitutes, and his marriage is "stronger every day"? Wow, all this time I've been going about things the wrong way."

    Hey John- Don't these people make you sick? I think this creep and his climber wife are so driven it's gross. Good luck to the kids.

    OMG! Isn't Entourage so entertaining this season?
    Anonymous Liz, at 2:48 PM  
    Liz, I can't get enough of Vinnie and da' boyze either.

    And a tip o' the hat to YesButNoYes for posting John's little parking lot monologue that left me scratching my head. And no, I don't think the "father" is god, since that would be the obvious conclusion.

    "If my words are yours, can you hear my Father? Can Bill know my Father, keeping his eye on me? Can I bone Kai and Butchie know my Father instead?

    "My Father's shy doing his business. Kai helps my Father dump out. Bill takes a shot. Shaunie is much improved.

    "Joe is a Doubting Thomas. Joe will save Not-Aleman. Joe will bring his buddies home. This is how Freddy relaxes. Cup-o'joe, and Winchell's variety dozen.

    "Mitch catches a good wave. Mitch wipes out. Mitch wipes out Cissy. Cissy shows Butchie how to do that. Cissy wipes Butchie out. Butchie hurts Barry's head. Mister Rollins comes in Barry's face. My Father runs the Mega-Millions.

    "Fur is big. Mud is big. The stick is big. The word is big. Fire is huge. The wheel is huge. The line and circle are big. On the wall, the line and circle are huge. On the wall, the man at the wall makes a man from the circle and line. The man at the wall makes a Word on the wall from the circle and line. The Word on the wall hears my Father.

    "The zeroes and ones make the Word in Cass's camera. In the Word on the wall that hears my-Father-in-Cass's-camera, the good one Mitch catches doesn't wipe Cissy out. In the-Word-that-hears-my-Father, Cissy shows Butchie something else. In-my-Father's-Word, Cissy shows Butchie in Shaun. In-my-Father's-Word, Tina raises Shaun at lunch. In Cass's-camera, Butchie lays the court out for Barry, and Mister Rollins watches, and he doesn't come on Barry's face. In Cass's-camera, Butchie knows Kai kept the faith. In-my-Father's-Word, the Wave lifts them up.

    "In Cass's camera, Bill doesn't bump his head on the stairs. In Cass's-camera, as long as he's being stupid, Bill gives Lois a kiss.

    "In His-Word-in-Cass's-camera, the Internet is big. Nine-Eleven is big, but not every towel-head is eradicated. In His-Word, We are coming Nine-Eleven-Fourteen.

    "In my-Father's-Word, Bill sees how Freddy relaxes. In Cass's-camera, Ramon wants to know who's hungry, in the courtyard and Room Forty-Five.

    "In my-Father's-Word-to-come-in-Cass's-camera, Doctor Smith calls Ocean Properties. In Cass's-camera-to-come, my Father stares Not Aleman down, and Freddy sees Bill much-improved.

    "You will not note my-Father's-Word, nor remember Cass's-camera, but you will not forget what we did here."
    Blogger JM, at 11:21 AM  

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