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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Press "4" For More Options

As an alternative to #'ing your head against the wall when trying to maneuver through the frustrating maze of customer service phone menus, check out the gethuman 500 database. Offering shortcuts and workarounds to get directly to a live human being for many major companies, it's also a good resource if you need a customer service number. I only wish there were a way to avoid those automated voice response units that make you have a conversation with a machine that make me feel silly.
|| JM, 7:41 AM


Yeah, gethuman is cool.

Sirius and Verizon have those horrible voice prompt things. At least with Verizon you can punch the info on the keypad and it will take it.

Those things don't like my voice, and heaven forbid if there's background noise.....

Another worthy site is - it lets you reverse look-up all those annoying calls that pop-up on the caller ID, but list the name as "NOT FOUND" or similar. I'm on it a lot because I get a lot of telemarketing calls that hang-up when I pick up.
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