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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Pee Mail

Our dog takes great joy in dragging us out to the front sidewalk so she can relieve herself on the mowing strip near the curb and checking out what other dogs have done the same. My wife describes the process as "checking her pee-mail" which seems to describe it pretty accurately. But it looks like others have noticed the same phenomenon, and in his blog Hank The Dog points out the difference between e-mail & pee-mail:

  • They're both better when they come in trickles. If you're getting too much of either from somebody, it's likely they're just showing off and trying to pretend they own the whole neighborhood.
  • You can pick up viruses from both, but dogs aren't beastly enough to send you viruses on purpose, unlike some species we might name.
  • In measured amounts, pee-mail is actually good for the environment and can be used as a fertilizer. E-mail, of course, you just have to throw away. Oddly enough, some companies seem to want to keep your old e-mail and root around in it. In my neighborhood, we call them DDDs, for dumpster-diving dogs.
  • You end up getting the same pee-mails over and over again, just like e-mails. (It's good to stay in touch!)
  • Pee-mailing is healthier. You get more exercise and never fill up on spam.
  • You need less equipment with pee-mail, but the equipment that you need is more important.
  • A lot of e-mail stinks but doesn't smell. Most pee-mail, in my experience, smells but doesn't stink. But I'm not counting cat pee-mail, which is another matter altogether!
  • You ever notice how humans seem to wind up doing almost everything via machines? I'm just glad those robot dogs haven't really caught on. I shudder to think what kind of pee-mail we'd get from them.
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    Look at the face on your dog! What a charmer and a sweet doggie. Yep, the pee mail is a perfect name for it. When I take the dogs on a long walk, they have certain places that contain long monologues. The one by the vets office is the main message center. It mostly says, Help!
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