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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Another Lazy Post, Another Lazy Movie

It seems like Hollywood has long ago run out of ideas, as the stream of numerous remakes and sequels demonstrates. The bastardization of my childhood memories continues with the Get Smart Movie set for release next summer. Hopefully, Steve Carell has the comedy chops to pull this off, and the trailer looks like it has potential. But as Medellin preview showed us, even a bad movie can have a good trailer.

I'm not quite as optimistic about the soon to be released Underdog, although cute dogs doing even semi-funny stuff may erase any shortcomings of the concept or the execution. The same goes for Alvin and the Chipmunks slated for release at Christmas. Great, yet another reason to hate the holidays. Although when I saw the poster, I though it was Pauly Shore staring as Dave which gave me fits. Not that hip-hop chipmunks fronted by Jason Lee is going to suck less.
|| JM, 12:42 PM


Somehow, I wasn't that thrilled with them the first time around. I don't think the youth of today will be now. BTW, there's a new Bourne series coming out. NOw that's a movie I'm itching to see.
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