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Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Only Thing Inevitable Is Change

Hilary's recent Sopranos spoof to announce her campaign song was really a case of "one step forward, two steps back". Sure, it showed a humor and pop-culture adroitness that many thought she was lacking, but the positives end there. Did she think that people wouldn't notice the similarities between the fictional gangster world and the political one? Both contain characters who routinely lie and strong arm the opposition. Both contain philandering husbands, and wives who stick around to advance their own agenda. And both contained guys named Vince, who disappeared with ominous overtones. And it didn't take long for the rightwingnuts to point out that the “O” of an onion ring symbolizes a vagina, and the carrots symbolize a cigar.

But what really gets my goat is her choice of songs. For a moment, I thought she had picked Don't Stop Believin'. But instead, she picks a horrendous song for the Lite FM crowd. This may prove to be a big mistake; certainly not on the order of her choosing the wrong side in her support for a bogus war, but still a mistake. If she wants a song that sends a message or connects to a younger generation (or better yet ALL generations) she couldn't have made a worse choice. Actually, the Journey song might have been an improvement.

Also driving me crazy is the way that most pundits are beginning to refer to her "inevitability" as the Democratic standard-bearer. Last time I checked, not a single vote had been cast. She does provide name recognition and some very deep pockets, to say nothing of some high profile endorsements. But her unfavorable ratings in polling results paradoxically suggests she could loose to a Republican, despite the electorate's urge to support a Democrat in '08. Yet we still seem willing to drive down this road, despite the warning sign telling us "Bridge Out"!

Poll results seesaw quite a bit at this point, so the lead she now shows can easily disappear, and I expect it will. Especially since she appears to be playing it safe, appearing as a political chameleon who adeptly sidesteps serious questions on most controversial topics. Although, that could be part of her strategy to appear Presidential, but too much of that can easily backfire with voters craving someone with passion and integrity. Can momentum, money, and attitude carry her all the way? Possible, but let's hope for a different outcome.
|| JM, 12:12 AM


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