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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A Not So Precious Moment

I've never understood the appeal of collectible figurines in general, and these even less so. Who are these Woman Fantasy Figures supposed to be appealing to? I mean, sure what guy wouldn't like the real deal of this stunning "All Work and No Play" statuette, giving new meaning to the phrase "nice bust"? But how many guys would actually buy one? Nor do I see this appealing to the traditional buyers of kitschy nicknacks. One can only speculate that the target audience is one to whom a real woman "is" a fantasy.

I'm sure that the reaction would be a bit icy if I announced that I was going to start collecting this series. Not that I'm inclined to, but I'd be more likely to explore a collection of garden gnomes or paintings of dogs playing poker instead, which come to think of it would likely get the same "have you lost your mind?" reception.
|| JM, 7:15 AM


There are all kinds of people out there....
Blogger Mary, at 6:25 PM  
Garden gnomes I can deal with but figurines in general are dust collectors to me. I have tons from my grandmother and I can't wait to sell the junk when she finally croaks but that's another issue. :D
Blogger Liz, at 7:28 PM  

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