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Monday, June 25, 2007

I Think It's Gonna' Be A Long, Long Time

Holy crap; looks like my childhood dream is coming one small step closer to fruition, since according to Engadget, two different companies will be offering Jet packs for sale! Ranging in price from $155,000 to $250,00 your purchase comes complete with all necessary accessories and training, although as they as aptly pointed out "life insurance sold separately". The bad news is that you can only fly for about 30 seconds. If I'm gonna use this for my daily commute to work, I'll have to wait for the next generation (already in development) that will give you a full 19 minutes of flight time. I'll also have to wait for that winning lottery ticket as well, unless I'm willing to consider some of the less costly alternatives that I found on eBay.
|| JM, 12:13 AM


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