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Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday Dog Blogging?

While the rest of us were busy watching the conclusion to The Sopranos, Triumph The Comic Dog visited The Tony Awards ceremonies. At least somebody had fun on Sunday night.

I promised myself I wouldn't whine about The Sopranos ending, but as always I break my own rules, and arrive to the party pretty late. I've been hoping that as time passed, I'd be able to overcome my initial "WTF" reaction. Although I've softened my initial negative opinion a bit, I still found the emotionally manipulative, ambiguous ending less satisfying than I had hoped for. It seemed more of an effort to grab attention and get people talking, and on that level it was successful. I certainly wasn't one of those who expected a bloodbath, but I did expect a commitment to a storyline. You only need to take a look at other movies if they ended like The Sopranos to see what I'm talking about.
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|| JM, 8:07 AM


My husband is in total agreement.
Blogger Mary, at 4:20 PM  
And one more Sopranos thing. I just learned from blogger Dawn that the cat was Adrianna (well some type of representation of A'd) so that makes sense outta those scenes and why Paulie was upset. Now those kinds of sublties always escape me and thats why I wonder if we shouldn't be reading mor einto all that was going on.
Blogger Mary, at 7:23 PM  
I didn't think about the cat thing either, until I saw it on the newsgroups. And although it's possible to read more into the tapestry that's been woven, it's also easy to read too much. Hence, the debate continues...
Blogger JM, at 4:15 PM  

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