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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Come On Down!

As he prepares to ride off into the sunset after his 35 year run as host of "The Price Is Right", we get a chance to look back upon the career of Bob Barker with two upcoming specials. The above clip features One of the Worst The Price Is Right Players Ever, although there are plenty of others to choose from.

But let's be honest; for most of us the real reason we watch probably isn't Bob, but the presence of Barker's Beauties keep many people tuning in for more. Not to take anything away from those who have followed in their footsteps, but things haven't been the same since Dian and Holly left.

But in addition to the The Top 10 Things We’ll Miss About Bob Barker, a few more numbers (VIA Wikipedia) about the show:

  • 6. Number of Daytime Emmys won by the program and its staff.
  • 75. Number of perfect shows (all six pricing games won, as of March 22, 2007)
  • 102. Number of pricing games, including retired games.
  • 325. Approximate number of audience members per show. Of those, only nine will be selected as contestants.
  • $2,746. Price of the Chevrolet Vega offered in the first pricing game (Any Number) of the first show. It was won.
  • $86,743. The most expensive single prize ever offered on the daytime show (Golden Road, Sept. 28, 2006.): a Dodge Viper SRT-10
  • $147,517. Single-contestant record winnings, daytime (September 18, 2006).
  • $183,688. Single-contestant record winnings, primetime (April 16, 2005 $1,000,000 Spectacular).
  • $297,708. Record winnings for all contestants in a single daytime show, including seven automobiles.
  • $600,000,000. Estimated total prize winnings in the show's history.
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