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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Word Play

In the war of words, it seems that we too often make the easy choices like these movie patrons. Too bad that Dubya still clings to the practice of leading via rhetoric, no matter how ridiculous his claims. His dismissals of his critics as unpatriotic and giving terrorists the upper hand worked for far too long. He continues to deny reality, long after we've had our "Dorothy" moment, and finally realize we need to "ignore the man behind the curtain".

Most rational politicians, facing a newly resurgent resistance (and we're talking about the legislative branch, not Iraq although that works too) might try a stance that reflects the changing political landscape. But this bozo continues with all the behaviors that failed before, refusing to accept any sort of midcourse correction. He continues to blather on that cutting off funding for Iraq is "unacceptable to me and I believe it is unacceptable to the American people" despite a pretty clear statement by voters in the last election to the contrary.
|| JM, 11:09 AM


More and more people are catching on that anything Bush says about anything at all is a lie. We're getting to watch him roll out empty phrases every time. There is nothing he can do to convince us he is right.
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