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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Odds & Ends

What is my excuse for my latest round of blogging ambivalence? I can't really say, since there are so many reasons that I've been avoiding an update. Real life sometimes puts too much on the plate, leaving me little time and even less energy to put anything together. Tons of links and ideas rush past me, only to fall victim to my potential case of A.D.D. And now, spring has so gloriously sprung, and the great outdoors beacons. Luckily, the wifi doesn't quite reach the deck, so as I transition to my summer living mode, I expect I'll be in the "technology free zone" far more often. Although I've got nothing of substance to share, just enough time for a few quick takes:

  • I'm sure the classic rock station here thought it was cute to put up a billboard on the BQE that says "Highway To Hell". Unfortunately, every time I drive by it I hear a voice in my head that sounds like my GPS saying "you have reached your destination".
  • I've let my GPS addiction get out of hand. Coming home from a recent trip I lost the satellite signal a few miles away from home. Although I could easily find my way back, it inspired a major panic attack on my part. Then again, that could have been just my fear of owing another piece of fried electronics.
  • I hate spoilers. I didn't catch the latest episode of Heroes and was looking forward to watching it as soon as I got a chance, but last night I caught a commercial teasing an interview with the latest "dead hero". Thanks for ruining that one for me.
  • Knock on wood, but the knees have been kind to me recently and I'm off the treadmill and back on the streets. For the last few years, each spring finds yet another house on my running route falling prey to the "tear down" syndrome and replaced by a new McMansion. So is it a good thing that I haven't seen any of that this year, or just a sad reflection of a soft housing market?
  • I've got an upcoming trip to a conference at Disney World, which on the surface would seem like a good thing. But I just got the agenda, and noticed the ominous note that "during your three days, please expect to devote your full time and attention to our meetings". Great; happiest place on earth, my ass!
  • || JM, 8:14 AM


    I hear you there. Life has been relatively craptacular lately, and I'm in one of those moods where I just really want to go to bed and pull the covers up and not come out for several years. No need to drag others down with me, lol!

    I love the billboard. Just got back from Cleveland, and they really need on of those on Route 480, which goes through the south 'burbs.....
    Blogger Funky-Rat (a/k/a Railyn), at 12:56 PM  

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