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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Toy Story

The seller claims that in Albert Einstein's last will and testament he requested a plush version of himself be made that we all could hug and love. Maybe not, but he's also rumored to have had a deathbed wish to be reincarnated as a plumber. I'm not buying either.

But I'd be far more likely to order Al's likeness than these truly scary political action figures, including Hillary, Obama, and Jim McGreevey just to name a few. A silly idea, since very few politicians are actually responsible for any real "action".

A toy with more realistic goals (and yet another New Jersey related personality) would be the limited edition Kevin Smith INACTION FIGURE signed by Kevin himself! And as a bonus for Smith fans, here's the F'ing Short Version of Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back.
|| JM, 7:24 AM


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