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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Short Takes

  • Every so often you'll see a vanity license plate and you have to wonder just how did they sneak that one by. Yesterday, I saw a car with the plate "KUNTAP" which made me wonder if this was one of those times, or just me wallowing in the gutter once again.
  • Been too busy and unmotivated to update and add a new post recently. No loss there, but I was surfing recently and saw another site that linked to just about everything I had done recently. That's hardly a surprise, since we are sometimes fishing in a shallow pool, but what did surprise me is that I felt the need to check my date stamp to make sure I did them first. Shoot me now if I'm starting to take this that seriously.
  • Which is stranger: that the continuing revelations about the Bushies transgressions evokes a sense of déjà vu about Watergate, or that it took this long us to notice?
  • Sad to see the passing of Larry Bud Melman, or Calvert DeForest as he was named in real life. Although the comic foil for Dave's wisecracks, his sincerity and niceness always came though.
  • || JM, 12:09 AM


    I really liked Larry Bud.

    I sent away for that anti-war bumper sticker and it still hasn't gotten here. :(

    Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:45 AM  
    BTW- That license plate is gross. It's like those people who have WOW bumper stickers hoping some girl will flash them. Yea right. Like that's gonna happen.

    Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:47 AM  
    I can never figure out those tricky little plates. LOL, you mentioned time stamps. I have never set mine so don't go by what mine says. I just don't think it matters, at least not to me.
    Blogger pissed off patricia, at 5:33 PM  
    L- I didn't get mine either.

    P- It doesn't mean a rat's ass to me either, but for a brief moment in time it almost did; then my common sense returned.
    Blogger JM, at 5:40 PM  

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