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Friday, March 16, 2007

Return To Bedford Falls

I've usually found myself second guessing almost every life-altering decision I've ever made, except one. Sometimes things fit like a glove, and other times no matter how hard you try, it doesn't feel like it was meant to be. That's the way I felt about the town where I grew up. So at a point after a series of jobs and relationships that all ended badly, I decided to try fishing off a different pier.

Where I was living was a nice enough place, but it bore more than a passing resemblance to the fictional town of Bedford Falls. Unfortunately, I craved Pottersville. (Maybe I'm crazy, but as much as I love the movie "It's A Wonderful Life" I never really understood why George got so upset when visiting Pottersville, since it seemed like a much more fun, vibrant place than the sleepy hamlet that he knew and loved, but that's just me).

As tough as it was to leave behind friends and family, it was the right thing to do considering the alternatives that were available. Whenever I return there, I find myself unable to imagine the path not taken; nor do I want to. Sometimes things just work out for the best, and I have to assume that this is one of those situations.

I just returned from a road trip to help Mom out with some stuff, so not much time to blog, except to dash off this quick ramble. A few more thoughts and events from the road:

  • The wife doesn't see why I had to use the GPS to go somewhere that I know my way around. But with some of the local trips, it came in handy, since I kept finding developments in places where there used to be just cows roaming about. Mom still feels the need to tell me where to turn, despite the other voice with the same message.
  • I've mentioned before just how much I hate the PA Turnpike, and this trip didn't give me any reason to change my mind. After spending years adding lanes and causing construction delays, they finally realized that they needed to replace the narrow bridges designed for fewer lanes that they just squeezed the expanded road through. Expect more delays.
  • Am I the only one who doesn't get those "Speed Enforced By Aircraft" signs? If they said "speed monitored" I'd have no problem, but the "enforcement" word makes it sound like I should expect planes to swoop down from the sky, guns ablaze if I'm going too fast.
  • Why don't ALL new cars have an iPod interface? Sure, if I wanted to upgrade to the top of the line radio, and then add on an adaptor kit option I could have had one, but I cheaped out. So I have to deal with all the interference and the "mush-mouthed" quality of those FM transmitters, which isn't the best solution.
  • Memo to self; delete Beatles song from driving playlist. The lyrics "You never give me your money, you only give me your funny paper. And in the middle of negotiation you break down" now seems like a reference to Heather Mills.
  • I passed a less effective than hoped for billboard that started off by stating "HEY! EYES BACK ON THE ROAD!" OK, screw you and your reverse psychology, sometimes I CAN do as I am told!
  • On one of my frequent pit stops for a potty break, I went into the mens room and headed for the wall of urinals. Now I'm not the kind of guy who violates the rules of rest room etiquette, but I couldn't help noticing that there was a guy who was standing there who appeared to be more "blessed" than most. It reminded me of the old "the water is cold" joke. I was thinking that he was proud of his assets and showing off, when the realization hit me that I was seeing the profile of his belt hanging off his pants, and NOT what I had originally thought I saw. Good; one less reason to feel inadequate.
  • || JM, 11:51 AM


    You had me lol with several of your observances. I hadn't thought of that with the Beatles song, but now you have scarred me for life.
    Blogger TrueJerseyGirl, at 1:57 PM  
    I could almost ditto your comments on hometown thoughts. Mine was a little farm town in the middle of miles and miles of corn. I thought it was great as a young kid, but grew out of it quickly and never regret not being back there. Glad you helped out your Mom, tho. You get a big star for that one.
    Blogger Peacechick Mary, at 7:28 PM  
    You crack me up...thanks for keeping us laughing; sounds like a good trip down memory lane....~tk
    Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:46 PM  
    It's funny you posted this. Now that I'm heading too LA several people have suggested I might end up staying. I don't think I will stay at this point in time but I will reserve the right to change my mind at a later date. Great post! Thank you for sharing it.

    Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:07 PM  
    Where in PA are you from? My guess is either the Delaware Valley, The Lehigh Valley, or The Pocono Mountain area.

    We just got back from The Lehigh Valley Area (where my husband is from) and what you describe is what is going on there.

    Progress.....just be glad you weren't up on 80.
    Blogger Funky-Rat (a/k/a Railyn), at 5:39 PM  
    That was funny. I can relate to so much of it. I do hate MOST roads in PA but I gotta say I've got alot of family in Jersey as thats where both my parents are from and trying to navigate the roads there usually is horrendous.
    Blogger Mary, at 5:41 PM  
    Actually, the Susquehanna Valley area is my old stomping grounds. And I'm not even gonna attempt to defend Jersey drivers, but don't forget we've got traffic circles AND jughandles to contend with.
    Blogger JM, at 9:12 PM  

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