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Monday, March 12, 2007

Mini Rant

  • When did standing at a busy intersection with a plastic bucket become synonymous with "fund raising"? Not to sound stuffy or judgmental, but it feels too much like simple "begging". I can get over my dislike of the technique when it's a good cause like firefighters' organizations, but the numerous other poorly identified groups remind me of the "squeegee guys" who you used to have to fend off at intersections. But at least then, you'd have a clean windshield.
  • "March Madness...ARE YOU READY?" I'm not. I wonder if that's an acceptable excuse to call out from work?
  • The "mobile dog groomer" is coming over this morning to enable us to see our dog's eyes again. She pulls her truck into the driveway, and in an hour we've got a neat and clean pooch once more. I'm just disappointed that a similar service isn't offered for humans, I would SO pay a premium for THAT convenience.
  • I know all the "cool kids" are doing it, but I refuse to try Twitter. It's described as a "global community of friends and strangers answering one simple question: What are you doing?" Here is the simple, low-tech answer: NOTHING! See; isn't that easier?
  • Memo to self: next time, be sure you change ALL the clocks when a time change takes place. Or at least make sure that your alarm clock gets changed.
  • || JM, 7:59 AM


    When it comes to those standing at the intersection with buckets and begging, I tend to err on the side of mercy if they seem at all legitimate. With the Bush administration, so many charitable organizations are without federal support, unless they are evangelical, of course.

    For the doggie thing, did you see Cute Overload over the weekend? There was a shaggy dog there similar to ours - with a pacifier.
    Blogger Peacechick Mary, at 11:03 AM  
    You know, if someone were to approach me one-on-one, I rarely deny a request. There's just something too invasive about these intrusions when they occur at an intersection. And with the advent of EZ-Pass, it's not like I've got easy access to change or bills floating in the 'ol dashboard bin.

    And thanks for the shaggy dog tip, I'l check it out.
    Blogger JM, at 11:17 AM  

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