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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Spring Fever

This time of year Mother Nature teases us with "coming attractions" like the few wonderful spring-like days we had last week. We've gone from having our windows open to having the heat on and curled-up under blankets this week. That's pretty typical of what you would usually be experiencing this time of year, but those "mini heat waves" make me obsess about warmer temperatures. The other day I came down the stairs dressed in shorts, only to be informed by the wife that she refused to go out in public with me dressed like that. "What do you think you are, 18 or something?" Well, yes, actually since my mental age is frozen in time, probably somewhere in the mid 20's. But I'm sure I'll be moaning about it being too hot soon enough.

Everybody has a different barometer about when Spring has officially arrived. For some, it's the first robin. For me, it's always been the sight of forsythia in bloom. I'm sure others have their favorite marker as well. Miss Jay at Kill The Goat has a rather unique event that signals the return of warm weather,
International Ball Dropping Day which is apparently today! Be sure you visit and join in on the celebration! Just make sure you tell me when no-shrinkage day is going to be observed!
|| JM, 10:33 AM


The balls and I are very grateful, although a tad worried: after the beautiful sunshine this past weekend, we have snow in our forecast again! Stupid Canada.
Blogger Jay, at 11:00 AM  
I believe Spring has officially sprung here in Fla. Hopefully our last really cold front is behind us. My signs of spring are when the birds come through on their way from South America back to their up north homes. They stop by my birdfeeders for a snack on their way.

Um, why can't you wear shorts if you're over 18? I didn't quiet get that. Just curious.
Blogger pissed off patricia, at 3:00 PM  
Yes, some clarification is in order. She feels that only teenagers should break out and wear shorts during these transitory temperatures. A more "age-appropriate" approach requires me to wait till it's "really hot" or Memorial day, which ever comes first. She also refuses to be seen with me if I dress too much like a teen (read that: wearing novelty t-shirts) during the summer months for the same reason.
Blogger JM, at 7:28 PM  

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