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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I Heart...

Ah, love is in the air. Who knew that amidst all the negativism and mudslinging Cupid could tweak the heartstrings of hardened web-surfers, not once, but twice. First, I Love Tom DeLay! celebrates the "jowly, blow-dried manliness that make knees week...a man who will let nothing get in the way of his relentless and ruthless climb to the top of the heap; a man who sees what he wants and just...reaches out and takes it! A man who laughs in the face of persecution by the small-minded liberal snivelers." (And heck, they were nice enough to repost my lame Tom The Pinhead photoshop that I did awhile back.)

And since everybody needs a hug, I Love Karl Rove is an outpouring of appreciation for everybody's favorite turd blossom, just when he needs it most.
|| JM, 12:05 AM


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