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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Bad Pr0n

I'm pretty sure I've linked to The 100 Worst Porn Movie Titles ! at some point in the past. But a recent Fark thread included some pretty amusing fake titles based on current movie hits:
  • The Sopornos
  • Schindler's Fist
  • Forrest Hump
  • Pulp Friction
  • The Slutty Professor
  • The Hornymooners
  • Natural Born Drillers
  • For Your Thighs Only
  • Lord Of The G-strings
  • Free My Willy
  • On Golden Blonde
  • Everybody Loves Reamin
  • Inspect Her Gadget
  • Das Booty
  • || JM, 12:04 AM


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