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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Choose Or Lose

Tuesday Is Choose Day
  • Would you rather: have a head that looks like a lollipop OR hands that are three times their normal size?
  • have sweat that smells like bacon OR like a flowery air freshener?
  • tell your deepest sexual desire to a complete stranger once a day OR clap your hands in a highschool cheerleader style everytime somebody says "OK"?
  • dress like elvis at formal functions OR dance like him?

  • I had almost forgotten how much foolish fun this site can be. This one offers some bizarre choices, that really become no-brainers:

    1) I'll go for big hands. You know what they say about guys with big hands.
    2) As appealing as the smell of tasty bacon might be, I'll have to opt for the air freshener. Should save me a fortune on Lysol and Febreze.
    3) I'll opt for telling my deepest sexual desires to strangers. Wait a minute, isn't that called IRC?
    4) Dancing like Elvis sounds like much more fun that dressing like him.
    || JM, 8:30 PM


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