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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Road Trippin'

Did a "road trip" the other day, which took me to PA via The Pennsylvania Turnpike. Although this is supposedly the first superhighway, much of it looks like it's been unimproved since its' construction. It seems like they have been working on the same stretches of the road near Philly for the last 15 years doing various and needed improvements. Having just made it wider (only for gigundamundo breakdown lanes) a few years ago, they are finally getting around to putting new bridges on the roads that go over it so that they can add lanes for traffic. The wife always notes (with glee) that it always rains when we go to PA, and this time was not an exception.

One thing that made me crazy in the work zones (other than the narrow two lane "cattle shoots" where you have to drive right next to a wall without a shoulder) were the contradictory signs that warned you that you were going to "lose a lane" ahead. As soon as you would pass this sign, they would have another stating that "both lanes are open until the merge". This paring appeared several times, until they started getting specific about when you would lose the lane. Shortly after a sign that stated "lane ends in 1500 feet" another sign was posted stating "Merge Now: Take Your Turn". Maybe drivers in PA are more polite than Jersey drivers since I just don't see drivers around here "taking turns".

Although not a highlight of the trip, a notable event (or at least an excuse for a lame blog entry) was passing the Hershey's Kissmobile on the road. Admittedly not one of the best product theme vehicles that exists, but the only one I've actually seen being driven. These kind of things are cheap advertising that usually puts a smile on the face of kids, and the kid that is inside of us all. This sighting caused me started to look for other examples of these. I'm still searching for links leading to the fabled PEP-O-MINT truck, but a few of the ones I've come across include:
Wienermobile Time Machine
Mr. Peanut's Hot Rod (and the old version)
The Meow Mix Mobile
A Giant Goldfish Invasion
The Spammobile!
Eckrich Fun House
A Day with Thomas The Tank Engine
Pfizer Revolution Mobile
Kellogg's Tonymobile
The Shick Shave Shack
The Zippo Car
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My son who lives and works in the Chicago area was just in PA and he says they drive like total maniacs. Maybe everyone was down from NJ? Hope you had a fun time.
Anonymous mary, at 9:40 PM  

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