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Friday, July 15, 2005

Oh No!

If there were any doubts that Hillary had her sights set on the Presidency, they were washed away when I read that she is asking the FTC to investigate and calling for legislation over the GTA sex-hack scandal. This is so silly on so many levels.

The sexual content is possibly the least offensive part of this violent adult game for starters. But the keyword here is "adult". Where the heck are the parents who should be the ones to regulate the games, media content, and the overall direction of their kids' development? And to get to the juicy parts of the game, you would have to download and install the patch, which for most kids today is no big deal. But just surfing to real porn sites is even easier.

So what's the point here? Just trying to usurp the "family values" issue from the GOP I'd have to guess. Nothing wrong with that, but this doesn't seem the right issue to try to out-Republican the Republicans. She's been trying to gain centrist credentials for some time, so this is just more of the same. And I guess pandering to the right hasn't worked out too badly for the current President. I suppose she can do this without jeopardizing her current base.

And Political Animal mulls around the events and scenarios that might play out to put Hillary in The White House.
|| JM, 12:15 AM


Hillary is sure putting herself out there. I agree that she is trying to court the right, but probably not the far right. I've been getting e-mails almost daily from her and now she has a website for which we must register. 2008 coming right up.
Anonymous mary, at 6:00 PM  

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