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Thursday, June 02, 2005

More F'ing Deadwood Links

How will you survive until the next season of Deadwood?
  • I plan to stand outside and swear for one hour each day - 38%
  • Little bit of whoremongering, little bit of stabbing - 34%
  • You can bet your ass I'll be abstaining from all pork products - 19%
  • I won't bathe until the start of Season 3 - 8%

  • Already, I'm going through withdrawal from what seemed like a very short season of Deadwood. An extensive episode by episode recap and fan forums are found at Television Without Pity: Deadwood if you need to catch up or to re-live it. And a few more links to get you up to speed:
    Seven Minutes in Deadwood (SO NSFW!!!)
    The Number of F's in Deadwood
    The History of Deadwood
    Deadwood: The Official Guide
    Digital Deadwood
    Legendary Characters
    || JM, 7:10 AM


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