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Monday, June 13, 2005

I Got Nuttin...

Been too busy to surf or blog the last few days. Last night I was taken hostage and forced to go on a party boat cruse for work. Unlike other work parties where you can put in the polite/politically correct appearance and sneak out unnoticed, you can't do that on a boat unless you are a better swimmer than I am. It really wasn't "that" tortuous, but I can think of better ways to spend five hours. It could have been worse, it could have been "a three hour tour....a three hour tour".

The only available cure to the boredom became alcohol, and I took my medicine like a good boy...plenty of medicine. Most of the others did the same, and as a result it turned into a good time. Plenty of drinking, dancing, and highjinks; well, not enough highjinks but you get the idea. I forgot how effective "beer goggles" can be at affecting your perception.

A very scenic tour, that took us past the Statue of Liberty and featuring the skyline of Manhattan as a backdrop. As pretty as that was, an unexpectedly scenic sight was going under The Verrazano Bridge at night. I never really appreciated the dramatic beauty of this structure by just driving over it. I still get surprised that after all this time, I get a bit of a lump in the throat when I see the void in the skyline of lower Manhattan where the WTC used to be. I guess that will never go away, even if they add something to "replace" it.

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