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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Let's Not Go There

Not that I was planning a visit anytime soon, but with only "1 MILF" this really doesn't seem like a place I'd have much interest in as a destination. (And thanks to stefike13 for the pic!) Another destination I've been avoiding has been blogging. What started as a "short break" has apparently evolved into a "clean break". Oh sure, occasionally I hear or see something and I think "I've got to blog about that" but when those thoughts occur they are rapidly displaced by apathy for the idea. I'm not sure if I've just given in to a total lack of discipline and motivation, or if it's just another manifestation of what must be a full-blown case of AADD.

Although I've been busy, it's not like I can point to a list of endeavors or accomplishments that have occurred as a result of my newly refocused (or should that be unfocused?) attitude. Unless you count finally getting around to watching the first four seasons of The Wire on DVD; WOW, why did I wait on that? I have been a little more disciplined about working out, and I've been reading more (BOOKS, as opposed to endless web surfing) but that's about it. I AM a little worried about my tendency to try to right click and Google material that might merit more info while reading these things called books, but eventually I'll get the hang of it. I do occasionally lurk at some of the blogs I used to frequent, but my motivational crisis seems to extend to commenting as well.

I suppose I should be ashamed of doing the cliched "why I'm not blogging" post, but then again I've never had that much shame. Pretty much every topic or idea out there has been done by somebody else before, and likely it's been done better. That's the reason that blogging suddenly "got old" for me, the realization that I was just doing the same thing again, and again. And seldom were my rehashes any better. The "fun" somehow disappeared. But I can't totally let it go, since there's this small irrational part of me that believes it will magically become "fresh" and the motivation will return.

You just never know when the urge to jump up on the blogging soapbox and passionately wail away might hit you, so I'll keep my options open. I'm sure I've probably chased away most of the people who used to check things out here, but that can be liberating, since sometimes the best conversations are those you have with yourself. This was always something I've always done for my own amusement and the occasional moment of catharsis, so playing to an audience really isn't an issue. It's anyones' guess how this whole mood swing will play out.
|| JM, 8:48 AM


With it being Marineland, I wonder if it's "mother" or "mammal"...
Anonymous PSoTD, at 9:43 AM  
Thanks for that disturbing possibility.
Blogger JM, at 9:54 AM  
An additional thought from the recycle bin that never made it into this post; When did Flickr become the home of pr0n? A recent search of Flickr produced this result: "We found 46,894 results matching MILF."

Not that I'm complaining, or anything.
Blogger JM, at 10:37 AM  

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